Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Job Seekers line up

I was prepared for a long slog at finding a job in the market and set about signing up to every recruitment agent all of which said "its a tough market but with your experience I am confident we can find you something". Since I had no payout from the last job and only a weeks notice, it was tough. For most it would have been tougher. I was lucky to be in the position that I was living with my parents who were very supportive when I was out of work.

I decided to be utterly un-middle class and sign up to job seekers to get some much needed money- all of which was spent on updating my portfolio, cv and tube trips to meet with recruitment agents.

I sent out ridiculous numbers of CVs all around the world- I had nothing to tie me in London! I booked a flight to my family home in Italy and decided that, after the last few weeks ordeal, I needed a well earnt rest!

My home in Italy is my refuge. It's a beautiful old farmhouse in Umbria, set high up on a hill looking over the valley. Everyone comments how relaxed they feel as soon as they arrive there!

It was the much needed break I needed. I spent time making jams, chutneys, going for long walks and reading by the open fire. I can't say I didn't wish my redundancy had come in summer so I could be relaxing by the pool!!!

It was on my second day in Italy that I had a call from a recruitment agent saying I had an interview. I explained I was in Italy but told him I would change my flights and get back asap. I attended the interview which ended up being more like an informal chat with the Head of Design who could not have been nicer. We discussed suppliers, furniture design, joinery and the interview went on well over an hour. I was quietly confident but my pride had taken a battering and I did not want to prepare myself for another blow!

(our house in Italy is available for rental. Do get in contact if you are in need of a relaxing break!)

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