Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Redundancy hit

I still remember the day I was made redundant. We all thought we were safe, we were regularly brain washed in our company meetings about how well the was doing etc, our boss's flew by private jet everywhere they went, we head gleaming new office- why shouldn't I have believed them? We had even taken on another member within our team!

I was happily working away at my (clean- "only 3 things on your desk at one time, 1 mug or glass) and the phone went and I was asked to go down to see the head of HR in meeting room 6. I knew as soon as I walked in what was happening ' "we are really sorry but we are going to have to let you go due to the current economy" blah blah blah. I was so stunned I did not ask how this could be the case after they had only just taken on a new member of our team. I was instructed to go back to my desk and carry on as normal and not tell anyone what had just happened. Which is exactly what I did. I carried on as normal, working on my projects, and made my excuses that I had a doctors appointment and could not make the company meeting. that's when I realised, I was not alone. There were many others in my position- even some of the top dogs.

It wasn't until I came in the following morning that my team bosses came and spoke to me- they too had had no idea. They were so supportive, promised to help me with my CV, ask anyone they knew if they had any jobs going etc.

I carried on working my last week as hard as I had worked the months leading up to it, leaving at my normal time of 8pm. I was determined to prove to everyone what a good job I had done in my time there and leave no possibility for criticism once I had left.

My last day I spent a lot of time going to the ladies to dry my eyes, I was so gutted. No more so then when 6pm came and my team hadn't even got my a 'Good Luck" card. I realised there and then how cut throat the company was- everyone was out for themselves and they would do whatever they could to get ahead- even if it meant stamping on a few people along the way!

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