Tuesday, 27 October 2009

New job.....better standard of life

I was over the moon when I got offered the job- my first interview since redundancy- so was over the moon. Not only was it with a very well respected company in the industry, it was cycling distance from my house, shorter hours and working on projects around the world and better pay! It really was one of those cases of "everything happens for a reason".

Working within a small team, I soon settled in and was working on many exciting projects for what has turned out to be an even higher calibre of clients than the last company! Our team soon expanded yet again with one of the other ladies from my last company who was made redundant at exactly the same time joining us!

I can't even comprehend the improvement to me and my lifestyle! I can leave my house at 8.40am and be at work by 9, I actually get a lunch break and utilise it to go to the gym, and I actually can manage to work and have a social life at last!!!

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