Tuesday, 13 July 2010

B&B Italia

B&B Italia showroom in South Kensington held a party the other week in which they had 5 photgraphers taking the portrait of guests on key furniture pieces by B&B - I just love this photo of my father and I (and it was taken just in time for Fathers Day!!)

I love the furniture by B&B and specify it often in projects I work on.

I have just been helping my parents move into their new riverside apartment in south west London - a development my Dad (architect) designed.

I took them along to B&B and they really did use it as a "one stop shop" and managed to get bed, sofas, dining table and chairs from there!

The bed is in black felt but with the cushions done in black and white herringbone- it looks really chic and suits my parents who are partial (due to my dad) to black and white - a typical architect!!

The sofas are the fatfat sofas in a dark grey velvet and look beautiful and have been teamed with turquoise cushions to inject a bit of colour to match the glass in the kitchen

They are loving their new pad and the views are lovely looking out at the river. it suits them ideally as they travel to our house in Italy a lot and this way they can lock it up and not worry, use the pool when they are back and they are close enough to me for me to raid the fridge- what more could a daughter want than happy parents and a full fridge???

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