Friday, 16 July 2010

Fleas and Wine

One of the perks of the job is the amount of events you get invited to. It is a great chance to go to showrooms to wander around as often we are too busy to get down there and send our assistant/work experience people. I always try and make an effort to attend all of them but certain invites are more tempting than others.

The Lillie Road “Fleas and Wine” event tickled my fancy – mostly because it was on my cycle route home from work and secondly, I have to admit I had never been in to any of the shops. It happened to coincide with one of my friend’s birthdays so it seemed like the perfect event to ply her with free champagne and nibbles!

The little shops along there look tiny but when you enter, you realise there is a whole other floor below and many have little gardens out the back. Once in particular had a “Secret Garden” out the back with little pond and they had even set up a tiki bar!!!

Although I didn’t see anything that was suitable for any of my projects, it was great to have a look around and see what kind of things they have. The one thing I did see that I really wanted was a vintage easel covered in paint – it appealed to the artist inside me and would love it sitting in the corner of my living room!

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