Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Designer doubt

Life as a designer was never going to be easy – everyone in the world has their own views of what s “good design” and unlike other profession where there is a clear right and wrong, that isn’t the case in design! People either like it or they don’t.

The trick is to not take things to heart- that obviously is easier said than done. Your have to follow your instinct, think of the client, think of your design ethos and go for it. Don’t get disheartened if someone tells you they don’t like it, turn it into a positive by asking how they think it could be improved – you may not agree with them but as I said, everyone has different views!

Most design offices are open plan for a reason – communication.

Learn from the people around you – if you have a question on an area of design that isn’t your speciality, speak to someone in your team, as the likelihood is someone will have the answer. Do not feel this is a sign of weakness – it’s the opposite!

Even as a junior designer, I often get asked my opinions on a design, on advise of suppliers to contact, technical questions. Tit for tat – you help where you can, they will help where they can.

This doesn’t mean I am one of those people who never get disheartened – I am the worst at taking criticism and feeling like I have let someone – or myself – down. But I am slowly learning to take things on the chin, learn from them. There are designers in my office who have been here for nearly 10 years and they STILL make mistakes, misjudge what are boss is wanting. It’s just part of the cycle of design.

But its also an incentive for me to venture eventually into my own practice so its me making the design decisions and me who tells others how I would like things to look.

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