Thursday, 15 July 2010

Don’t call me Fluff

There is nothing an Interior Designer hates more than being called “fluffy” – people imagine we spend our time fluffing cushions. This is NOT the case for most of us. Most of my time is spent liaising with the architects (hence my title of Interior Architect), designing furniture, CAD plans but – towards to the end of a project – we do have to get involved in the “fluffy” bits.

And strangely, these are the bits I have nightmares over the most. The worst of them all is lampshades. I hate them with a passion.

Fabric? Card? Parchment?

Contrasting trim or plain trim? Fabric or tape?

Flex length? Flex colour? Twisted or not? Silk or plastic?

Finial fitting? Single bulb or double bulb?

The list goes on of all the options to choose from! And to make matters worse there is no right and wrong for the size a shade should be for a lamp! It’s purely personal as to what size to go for.

And it is so difficult to choose the base and top ring diameter when you haven’t got an office full of various sides to try out. I got to the end of my tether and ended up asking a favour of one of our suppliers. I had them cut MDF rings at different diameters so that I can hold them above the lamp and work out what I need. It is still a 2 man job as you need one person holding the rings and another standing back and shouting orders but so far, so good. I have been pleased with my “fluffy” lampshade orders (NB: please note I say “fluffy” but this does not relate to the shade material…not a good look are fluffy lampshades!).

As a helpful hint to anyone doing lampshades, this is the best way I find of taking down all the dimensions and relevant information! Hope you find it useful!

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